OEIS Protection is providing BSIS guard card training.

Our California online guard card courses are certified, under BSIS training facility license: ATG2937


Our courses are available 24/7365 days a year, and allows you to work at your own pace, logging in and out as often as needed.
This training system works on all types of computers, tablets, and smart phones. 



Eligibility Requirements for CA Guard Card

Certified Institute
Qualifed Teachers

Why Choose Us for Your Guard Training?

OEIS specializes in employing and training off-duty law enforcement and militarypersonnel that possess30 + years of training and first-hand experience in executiveprotection. Our guards are trained in first aid, use of force, knife combat, firearm combat self-defence, close protection, enhanced private investigations, and security guard training.”
P. Fields, OEIS Director of Operations 

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Traveling Lover
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Gregory Miller
OEIS is a wonderful and professional company, with the greatest customer service experience ever! Kodie is phenomenal.
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Earle Hyman
5 star experience.
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Peyton Johnson
Extremely helpful and communicative throughout my finger printing process.
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Taneia Bryant (Thatgirltaneia)
Cody was nice and entertaining as we scanned my fingers!
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Stephanie Aguirre
I showed up to get my live scan done and Kodie was amazing. He saw me without an appointment and was extremely pleasant and helpful. I will recommend OEIS to my friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your initial trainining

BSIS License Fee – $55

Live Scan – Approx. $75

A guard card is an official license or certification that authorizes individuals to work as security
guards. It is typically issued by a government agency or licensing authority. You need a guard
card to legally work in the private security industry and perform duties as a security guard.

You can find your CERT number at the bottom of the PDF certificate that has been
assigned to you in a gray box. Be sure you have all of the necessary information accurate on
your certificate, this is usually your NAME.Not all phones or systems can accurately present
this, so be sure you use a bigger screen to view it. You can even print it if you have access to a

Your ATG will always be at the top of the certificate by the BSIS LICENSE title, starting
with ATG and then a series of numbers.

Congratulations on obtaining your first step toward your guard card! Here’s what you
should do next:
After you have completed your guard training, you will need to make sure your
application for your live scan is completed, and your application to BSIS is submitted
and the dues are paid. To clarify, if you have only done your 8-hour training, you do have to
do your continuing education (which OEIS we provide) to continue to obtain your guard card
and remain licensed. Our OEIS US Office provides Certifix Live Scanning.
Upon filling out your BSIS application you will need the following information:

Please Note: All guard Card processes take UP TO 60 days to obtain it. Once you have
completed your submission and receive your Guard Card,

these are the next steps:
● Secure Employment: Start looking for job opportunities in the private security sector.
Reach out to security companies or potential employers to apply for positions.
● Understand Legal Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the regulations and
responsibilities associated with your guard card. Know the specific rules and laws that
apply to security guards in your state or jurisdiction.
● Update Your Resume: Update your resume to highlight your newly acquired guard card
and any relevant training or experience.

In many cases, yes. While the guard card is the fundamental requirement, some
employers may prefer or require additional training or certifications for specific job roles. These
might include first aid and CPR training, firearm certification, or specialized training for working
in certain environments.

Enhance your employability by:
● Gaining Experience: If you lack experience, consider internships or volunteer
opportunities to build your resume. We all have to start somewhere!
● Additional Training: Pursue extra certifications or training to make yourself stand out to
employers.This could be your Baton Permit, Pepper Spray, Fire Arms, and CCW. Don’t

forget, you must complete your continuing education (32 hours) to keep your Guard Card
● Networking: Attend security industry events or join online forums to network with
professionals in the field. Get to know who is offering what in your area for work!
● Professional Appearance: Present yourself well during interviews and maintain a
professional appearance.

Guard card requirements vary from state to state. In some cases, your guard card may
be valid in other states through reciprocity agreements. However, it’s essential to research the
specific requirements of the state you intend to work in to determine if your card is transferable
or if you need additional training.

The validity of guard cards varies depending on the state and licensing authority.
Generally, guard cards are valid for a specific period, often two to five years in the state of
California. To renew your guard card, you’ll likely need to complete a certain number of
continuing education credits or training hours. Check with your local licensing agency for the
exact renewal process and requirements.

Security guards may have various responsibilities, including monitoring and patrolling
premises, controlling access, responding to emergencies, maintaining security logs, and
reporting incidents. Specific duties can vary based on the employer and the environment in
which you work.

Yes, you can often progress in your security career by obtaining additional certifications
and experience. Depending on your goals and the requirements of the position you aspire to,
you might pursue certifications in executive protection, event security, or other specialized
Remember: Always stay informed and up-to-date on industry developments and legal
obligations to ensure a successful and compliant security career.

Generally speaking: No. If you have a felony conviction and are interested in pursuing a career
in the security field, it’s advisable to research the specific laws and regulations in your area and
consult with local authorities or a legal professional to understand your options and potential
pathways for employment. In some cases, individuals with criminal records may be eligible for
expungement or other legal remedies that could improve their chances of obtaining a security
guard license. However, The requirements for obtaining a guard card, also known as a security
guard license, vary by state and country, but one common criterion is that applicants must pass

a background check. A felony conviction can significantly impact a person’s ability to obtain a
guard card for several reasons:
● Public Safety Concerns: Security guards are entrusted with the safety and protection of
people, property, and assets. Felony convictions may raise concerns about an
individual’s ability to fulfill this role responsibly, especially if the conviction is related to
violence or dishonesty.
● Legal Restrictions: Many states have laws and regulations that restrict individuals with
certain criminal convictions from working in security-related professions. These
restrictions are often in place to protect the public and ensure that individuals in these
roles are of high moral character.
● Client Liability: Security companies can be held liable for the actions of their
employees. Hiring individuals with felony convictions could increase the risk of legal
issues and damages in case of any incidents.
● Trust and Reputation: Clients and employers may prefer to hire security personnel with
clean backgrounds to maintain trust and confidence in the security services being

Great question! Here at OEIS, We believe that our decision to offer guard training online
is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest quality education and support to
aspiring security professionals like you. Our goal is to empower individuals with the skills and
knowledge they need to excel in their roles, contribute to a safer society, and advance their
careers in the security industry.
● Flexibility and Convenience: Our online guard training provides the flexibility and
convenience that traditional in-person training cannot match. Trainees can access the
training materials and modules from anywhere at any time, enabling them to tailor their
learning schedule to fit their personal commitments and preferences. Whether they are
working full-time, studying, or managing other responsibilities, our online training
platform empowers them to learn at their own pace.
● Cost-Efficiency:
By opting for an online training program, we can significantly reduce the costs
associated with organizing physical training sessions, such as venue rentals, travel
expenses, and printed materials. This cost-effectiveness allows us to offer competitive
pricing for our guard training courses, making them more accessible to a wider range of
individuals seeking a career in the security industry.
● Enhanced Learning Experience:

Our online training platform utilizes a variety of multimedia elements, interactive
simulations, and real-life scenarios, all of which contribute to an enriched learning
experience. Trainees can engage with the content in multiple formats, making the
learning process more enjoyable and effective. Furthermore, they can revisit specific
modules or challenging topics as often as needed to reinforce their understanding.
● Continuous Progress Monitoring:
With our online training system, trainees can track their progress through assessments,
quizzes, and practical exercises. This continuous monitoring allows them to identify their
strengths and areas for improvement, encouraging a self-paced learning journey that
suits their unique learning style.
● Expert Instruction and Support:
We have enlisted experienced security professionals and subject matter experts to
develop and deliver the online guard training courses. Trainees will have access to these
experts through live webinars, discussion forums, and email support, ensuring that they
receive personalized guidance and can seek clarification on any course-related queries.
● Up-to-Date Content:
The security landscape is constantly evolving, with new challenges and best practices
emerging regularly. With online training, we can promptly update our course content to
reflect the latest industry standards and regulations. This ensures that our trainees
receive the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge, equipping them to face the
challenges of their profession with confidence.

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